Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Week 3

Today I drove home to see my family and made a pint to look at the gorgeous Oklahoma landscape on Highway 51 East. Miles Tolbert's website, he refers to this region as the Crosstimber of Oklahoma. I always drive down 51 wishing that I had the motivation and necessary permission to get out of my car and walk through the hillsides and pastures. My finance is a photographer and we always stop to see the setting of the sun.
Sunsets in Oklahoma are unlike anywhere else in the United States.
I heard once that all the dust in the air causes the pink color in the Oklahoma sunsets. When Ray and I drive down 51 we always talk about getting out of the car and taking pictures, but we never actually do it. All of the land on 51 east of Stillwater is looks like it has a lot of history and all kinds of stories. I especially like the drive the closer I get to Lake Keystone. One thing I like most about it is that it looks like there are still several places you can see for miles and it doenst appear that man has designated this land as his, and the wildlife still roam free. I like seeing all of the abandoned buildings and creeks in Payne county to Osage county, to Tulsa county.
This creek is one of my favorite in all of Oklahoma.
I have a lot of family in Pawnee. My cousin, Anita, actually helped the city of pawnee re-open the old bathhouse and it is very cool. I love these old structures. I had the priviledge of assisting my dad inspecting bridges in the summers as a little girl. My dad would always take me to the coolest old bridges. Freyfogle has given me new insight into how I look at land. Although all of this land I see on 51 is owned by someone, I hope that it is always protected in a sense that people driving down the road will enjoy the driven because of the scenary.


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