Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Week 5

Last weekend I went home to do my grocery store shopping in Tula at a whole foods supermarket called "Wild Oats". Wild Oats has a wide variety of stuff, its like an organic Sam's, for Oklahoma atleast. It's interesting how many people are buying into this organic food craze and how expensive it is to eat food that is not processed or sprayed with pesticides.
I found an article that helped explain why these food that are healthier are untouchable for some people.,,161170_179846,00.html
The article explains that since these foods grown in the soil are labor intensive they is obviously more cost involved. A lot of the reason that food at the grocery store is not outrageously expensive is because the trade for the food is not fair. A local coffee shop in town buys all of its coffee fair traide, which means that the coffee growers and the coffee bean pickers are paid fairly. THis is important because a lot of that coffee comes from third world countries and the workers are exploited.
This organic food issue is very interesting for sociology because it presents a familar issue of the haves and have-nots. Like many things in this society if you have the money, you can possess them. For instance, if individuals can afford to be eduated they will go to a university. Now we see that only those who can afford to eat healthy will. People living on government assistance can't afford organic food. Food at the grocery store typically has herbicides and other processes to prevent insects getting to it. This is all indicated in the article. These people who cannot afford to buy organic food are buying this food that could be potentially problematic for health.


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