Thursday, February 24, 2005

Week 7

I was searching for the C.O.R.N.S. website and information that Dr. C mentioned in class, but was unable to find it. To my advantage though, I found an article about different corns used in American Indian tradition and the effect corn has played in their culture. The article identifies that two main types of corn were grown by the American Indians, The Indians grew two main types of corn, Zea mays indurata, or the flint corns, and Zea mays amylacea or the flour corns." I have not had a chance to go look at the corn used for art at the natural history museum but I found some on the internet.

When I think about what I consume compared to waht the American Indians consumed it is a scary thought. The indians used the for all food purposes. Meaning they grew their corn, they great wheat, and other things. The corn was very much part of their culture becuase without these essentials things their diet and even lifestyle would have greatly changed. The corn represtents to American Indians what resources we use mean. Many artists use wood as a natural peiece of art that reflects connection to the earth. I imagine it is the same for American Indians the corn is a connection to the earth and there fore the art represents that symbolism.


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